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What We Do

Our organization offers a wide variety of activities and programs, designed to encourage members toward personal growth. Whether we are conducting a formal business meeting, or simply socializing while watching a movie, we can always take away something positive from the event.

Yes, you read correctly, we conduct formal business meetings. These meetings are where we practice the skills we learn. Motions are made, seconded, and voted on. We pay bills, and read minutes. Meetings present a very educational atmosphere for our members.

As was previously mentioned, DeMolay is a leadership organization that is run entirely by its members. While there is a small council of adults to advise the members on their decisions, everything ultimately comes down to the leadership in the chapter. The members decide what events they want to run, which philanthropic groups to support, and how to budget the expenses for their activities.

While the formality of the meetings and the responsibilities of leadership provide excellent structure to DeMolay, it is impossible to overlook the foundation of our organization: fun. DeMolay caters to a wide range of taste and personality. Because our events are planned by our youth, they have the freedom to do whatever they enjoy doing. It is not uncommon for chapters to have video game nights, watch movies, play basketball, or attend dances.

DeMolay makes an effort to be an active part of their community, whether on a small scale of volunteering for local charities, or raising money for groups the American Cancer Society. In everything it does, DeMolay aims to be of service to the community.



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